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Tournaments National and International

  Sat. 17th Sep. 2022 XXIII Memorial “Bruno Frattini” 2^ Varese - Sharks Monza Win.
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
image small 23 Frattini 23 Memorial Bruno Frattini
Like every year, UILDM Milan organizes the Bruno Frattini Memorial @ a.s.d._dream_team_milano @turtlesmilano together with the #Powerchairhockey teams of Milan. Participate @sharks_monza @skorpionsva @tigersbz @asdmagic_torino @senmartinmodena.
  Sat. 16th Oct. 2021 XXII Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Varese is there and is second.
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
image small 23 Panzerock img 22 Frattini
After this period of stoppage due to the Pandemic, we are finally back on the field and the Skorpions do not give up on this now fixed appointment, we arrive in second place after a hard-fought final against the Blue Devils Genova who win the Tournament for the first time, congratulations.
  Sat. 5th Oct. 2019 XXI Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Skorpions win!!!
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
XXI Memorial “Bruno Frattini”
  1 Skorpions Varese Skorpions Varese
  2 Turtles Milano Turtles Milano
  3 Dream Team Milano Dream Team Milano
  4 Magic Torino Magic Torino
  5 Sen Martin Modena Sen Martin Modena
  6 Turtles Milano Fiorenza WH Firenze
Victory in the final for Varese which is imposed 8-6 on the Turtles Milan, strengthened above all thanks to the grafts of the talented Mattia Ramina, Emma Tognin and Francesco Ostellari (on loan from Coco Loco Padova only for the day). In the semifinals the Skorpions Varese win 6-5 against the Dream Team with difficulty, in the field all the time with 3 hand-stick against a single bat available to Milan. Success achieved by the red and white a few seconds after the final whistle, after a very tight match from both sides. And no one would have ever imagined a result so narrow between the two teams, of different level and quality. Best goalkeeper of the tournament to Klisman Gjeta, at his absolute debut with the shirt of the three times champions of Italy, tied with other 2 goalkeepers; best stick chosen unanimously to Mohammed Baidi and top scorer of Frattini Renato La Cara.
  3-4 Nov. 2018 XX Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Varese is 2nd !!! Winning the Coco Loco PD!
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
XX Memorial “Bruno Frattini”
  1 Coco Loco Padova Coco Loco Padova
  2 Skorpions Varese Skorpions Varese
  3 Blue Devils Genova Blue Devils Genova
  4 Dolphins Ancona Dolphins Ancona
  5 Magic Torino Magic Torino
  6 Turtles Milano Turtles Milano
  7 Dream Team Milano Dream Team Milano
  8 SK Indians Plzeň (CZ) SK Indians Plzeň (CZ)
  9 Sen Martin Modena Sen Martin Modena
10 Dracs Badalona (E) Dracs Badalona (E)
Second place for the skorpions at the "XX Memorial Bruno Frattini", after a great semi-final and a final balanced up to half, then won with merit by Padova. Very good all for the commitment and the desire put in place. Thank you!! Ronsval Andrea adds to his personal palmeres the umpteenth prize as best player .. great!!!
Tiziano Federico Fattore.
  Sat. 1st Oct. 2016 18th Memorial “Bruno Frattini” 3rd place for Skorpions! Black Lions VE Win.
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
18° Memorial Bruno Frattini The Memorial Bruno Frattini is 18 years old and to celebrate it comes historical teams of wheelchair hockey but also, as always in this event, teams that move the first steps and get the first important break. The opening class goes to the age of 1 October, on the stage of the Forum of Assago, as always. In the end, turning off the candles on the tournament's cake will be an unprecedented but now very intense protagonist: the Black Lions Venice.

The 6th final tournament rankings look behind Black Lions and Dream Team, 3rd place in Skorpions, 4th Sharks, 5th in Magic Turin and 6th in Turtles. In the tournament at 3 of the beggars, success of the Tuscan Lupi, 2nd place for the absolute debut The Kings Lecco, 3rd place for GoodFellas Pavia. Ronsval brings home the trophy for the head of the event, which could be a good viatic to a season worthy of his class.
  Sat. 10 Sept. 2016 Friuli Summer Cup 2 Pre-Season Tournament
At Sports Hall M. Vecchiatto in Pasian di Prato (UD), Via L. Da Vinci 23.
Friuli Summer Cup 2 Poster
First Leg
10:00 img Madracs UD Madracs Udine - Skorpions VA img Skorpions VA 4-4
11:00 img Warriors Viadana Warriors Viadana - Skorpions VA img Skorpions VA 14-1
12:00 img Madracs UD Madracs Udine - Warriors Viadana img Warriors Viadana 4-7
Second Leg
14:30 img Skorpions VA Skorpions VA - Madracs Udine img Madracs UD 2-3
15:30 img Skorpions VA Skorpions VA - Warriors Viadana img Warriors Viadana 3-6
16:30 img Warriors Viadana Warriors Viadana - Madracs Udine img Madracs UD 4-2
Programma Friuli Summer Cup 2
The result of the tournament with a draw, three defeats and lots of fun was a great preparation test for the championship. Skorpions come to the tournament in a few: with Filomena in the door, Corcillo and Sannuto alternating in defense and Battaglin, Carelli, Mutti and Santeramo in rotation in attack, despite the negative results many have been the game schemes tried some well well other more To be developed, the commitment has not failed. A sign in the tournament: Battaglin with 4 goals, Santeramo with 3, Mutti with 2 and Captain Carelli with 1.
  31 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2015 Champions Cup - Only for Real Champions 5th place for Skorpions! Coco Loco PD Win.
At Sports Hall Le Cupole in Turin 10127 Italy, Via Emanuele Artom 111.
Participating teams and groups:
Champions Cup Poster
Coco Loco PD Coco Loco Padova
Dream Team MI Dream Team Milano
Skorpions VA A Skorpions Varese
Magic TO Magic Torino
Sharks Monza Sharks Monza
Thunder Roma Thunder Roma
Varese, after the defeats against the Dream Team Milan and the Italian Champions Coco Loco Padua in qualifying for Saturday's Group October 31, in the late morning of Sunday, November 1 play against the Magic Turin for the fifth and sixth of the 1st Champions Cup for the twentieth anniversary of FIWH managing to impose itself 6 to 4. The fifth placing in the tournament is a more than honorable goal, saw the significant absences of Fabio Mantiero and Captain Claudio Carelli, it was still a good test for the continuation of the championship.
  Sat. 17 Oct. 2015 17th Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Winning Skorpions!!!
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
GROUP A - Field A
10:00 img Dream Team MI Dream Team MI - Skorpions VA img Skorpions VA 1-4
10:45 img Skorpions VA Skorpions VA - Warriors Viadana img Warriors Viadana 4-5
11:30 img Warriors Viadana Warriors Viad. - Dream Team MI img Dream Team MI 4-3
GROUP B - Field B
10:00 img Turtles MI Turtles MI - Madracs UD img Madracs UD 3-3
10:45 img Madracs UD Madracs UD - Blue Devils GE img Blue Devils GE 3-1
11:30 img Blue Devils GE Blue Devils GE - Turtles MI img Turtles MI 2-2
15:00   Madracs UD - Skorpions VA   4-8
16:30 3°-4° Madracs UD - Turtles MI   8-6
15:00   WarriorsViadana - Turtles MI   12-0
16:30 5°-6° Dream Team MI - Blue Devils GE   10-4

18:00 - Final
Skorpions VA - Warriors Viadana 9-5

Final Ranking
img Skorpions VA Skorpions Varese
img Warriors Viadana Warriors Viadana
img Madracs UD Madracs Udine
img Turtles MI Turtles Milano
img Dream Team MI Dream Team Milano
img Blue Devils GE Blue Devils Genova

Very good performance from the whole team of Varese in the qualifying matches. The red and white in the final they won the tournament with a perfect game, against the newly born Warriors Viadana Merlin's captain.

  11-14 Sept. 2015 II° Varese International Tournament Torpedo Ladenburg Wins!!!
At Centro Naturabile in Varallo Pombia (NO) 28040 Italy, Via della pace 1.
Here is the expected group and participating teams
Locandina II° Varese Intern.
Coco Loco PD Coco Loco Padova (IT)
Black Knights Dreieich Black Knights Dreieich (DE)
Rolling Thunder Bern Rolling Thunder Bern (CH)
Sen Martin Modena Sen Martin Modena (IT)
Torpedo Ladenburg Torpedo Ladenburg (DE)
Skorpions VA B Skorpions Varese B (IT)
Whirldrivers Lausanne Whirldrivers Lausanne (CH)
Munich Animals Münich Animals (DE)
Skorpions VA A Skorpions Varese A (IT)
Leoni Sicani AG Leoni Sicani Agrigento (IT)
Iron Cats Zurigo Iron Cats Zürich (CH)
Magic Torino Magic Torino (IT)
Regulation and Program 2nd Varese International Tournament He was international tournament in a wheelchair hockey in Most Important ever organized in Italy . Matches were played at CentroNaturAbile of Varallo Pombia , necessarily outside the province for the need of a space equipped and accessibility. They win the Torpedo Ladenburg who have defeated the champions of Germany Black Knights Dreieich ( DE ). Dedicated Page here.
  7-8 June 2014 8th Zürich International E-hockey 4th place for Skorpions
At Sporthalle Hardau in Zürich 9035 Switzerland, Bullingerstrasse 80.
Locandina Back'n town zurigo
Group B match Res.
Game 1 Varese vs Roma 5-2
Game 2 Losanna vs Varese 4-5
Game 3 Zurigo I vs Varese 3-5
Game 4 Rotterdam vs Varese 10-1
Semifinal Eindhoven vs Varese 7-1
Final 3°-4° Varese vs Torpedo 2-3
final standings
  1 De Pont Rotterdam Olanda De Pont Rotterdam (Olanda)
  2 Gp Bulls Eindhoven Olanda Gp Bulls Eindhoven (Olanda)
  3 Torpedo Ladenburg Torpedo Ladenburg (Germania)
  4 Skorpions VA A Skorpions Varese
  5 Iron Cats I Zurigo Svizzera Iron Cats I Zurigo (Svizzera)
  6 Münich Animals Germania Münich Animals (Germania)
  7 Thunder Roma Thunder Roma
  8 Iron Cats II Zurigo Svizzera Iron Cats II Zurigo (Svizzera)
  9 Whirldrivers Losanna Svizzera Whirldrivers Losanna (Svizzera)
10 Jaguars Praga Repubblica Ceca Jaguars Praga (Repubblica Ceca)
Once again the Skorpions do not belie, at European level, are among the top four best teams. In the first three matches were victorious, but nothing can when they encounter the stratospheric "Dutch National" Kamal Tahtahiz and Dennis Van Den Boomen of De Pont Rotterdam Team, losing to a clear 10 to 1. Turning to the Varese semi-final play as often happens the Dutch GP Bulls Einhoven, this turn compared to previous, must surrender to the game of three sticks strong Van der Heijden - Kemenade - Sanders, losing 7 to 1. In the 3-4 place final the Red&White reach the victory until just a few minutes from the end on the 2 to 1 against the Germans Torpedo Ladenburg, the usual "Emmering" for temporary expulsion of Mantiero, on double and dubious admonition, recovers and closes the game on 2 to 3. A good step forward that will make us hopes well for next season, forever go Skorpions!!!
  12-13 Oct. 2013 15th Memorial “Bruno Frattini” - Dream Team 20th Anniversary Skorpions in 3rd place
At Forum Assago in Assago (MI), Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.

Locandina 15° Frattini Thunder win the Frattini.

An exciting tournament that was held at the Assago Forum: Memorial Bruno Frattini was won by 6 to 5 by Italian champions Thunder Roma, who snatched the cup to the Sharks Monza only on penalties. Behind the Thunder and the Sharks, the third Skorpions Varese, after a game uncertain until the last, win on penalties against an excellent Dream Team Milan, ranked fourth.

Fifth place for the Dolphins Ancona, the sixth for the Milan Turtles, a new team and revelation of the tournament, the seventh for the Magic Turin, eighth for the Tigers Bolzano, ninth for Madracs Udine and tenth for Goodfellas Pavia.

  4-7 Oct. 2013 I° Varese Intern. Tournament - 10th Anniversary 2003-2013 Skorpions A are placed in third place
At Municipal Gym in Besnate 21010 (VA) Italy, Via Vittorio Veneto. The first Varese International Tournament is official.

Participating teams and groups:
Locandina 10th years
Black Lions VE Black Lions Venezia
Coco Loco PD Coco Loco Padova
Dream Team MI Dream Team Milano
Skorpions VA A Skorpions Varese A
Rangers BO Rangers Bologna
Sen Martin MO Sen Martin Modena
Skorpions VA B Skorpions Varese B
Torpedo Ladenburg Torpedo Ladenburg (DEU)
Regolamento e programma 10th years

  30 May-2 June 2013 9th “Römer Cup” - 25° of Torpedo Ladenburg Varese is third!
Sporthall SportHalle Pleikartsförster Straße - 69124 Heidelberg Germany
Major tournament Römer Cup to celebrate 25 years of activity of Torpedo Ladenburg.
  Sat. 27 Oct. 2012 14th Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Skorpions wins for the 2nd consecutive year
Assago Forum Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6 - Assago Milano.
Skorpions vs Dream Team MI 10-4. The red and white won for the second consecutive year the Memorial Bruno Frattini, at the Assago Forum in Milan, in the semifinals by beating the vice champions Italy Coco Loco PD and in the final the hosts of the Dream Team MI.
  Sun. 7 Oct. 2012 7th International E-hockey Zurich 2nd place for Skorpions
Sporthalle Buchholz Allenbadweg - 8610 Uster Swiss.
Skorpions final vs Torpedo (Germany) 2-7. The Skorpions find the smile. Only bad luck has been able to stop that Skorpions in Zurich are back big. At the tournament, which every two years attracts the best teams in Europe, the Varese team of wheelchair hockey in Switzerland gave the show, losing only in the final. Throughout the tournament, the electric wheelchair of Claudio Carelli has worked in fits and starts, preventing the Captain to move as he wanted. Nevertheless, the Besnate boys have excelled in their group, with one draw and three wins.
  Sat. 15 Oct. 2011 13th Memorial “Bruno Frattini” Winning Skorpions!
At Assago Forum in Assago (MI) Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6.
Final Skorpions vs Rangers BO 3-2. Varese returned to "Victory" at the Milan Forum Assago where they took part in the tournament along with: Dream Team MI - Rhodie (Belgium) - Thunder Rome - Rangers BO - GoodFellas PV (new team).
  Sun. 31 July 2011 Champions Cup Germany 2011 Skorpions vice European Champions
AC-Sportpark, Waidallee 8, 69469 Weinheim, Germany.
Skorpions final vs Torpedo (Germany) 2-6. The name of Skorpions is written even more indelibly in the wheelchair hockey history. The extraordinary Besnate team graduated, near Frankfurt, vice champion of Europe, thanks to a ride in the Champions Cup. An epic if you think that the team coached by Maino and Moretta, unlike the opponents, is composed only of athletes with muscular dystrophy.
  Sun. 3 Oct. 2010 6th International E-hockey Zurich Winning Skorpions in Europe!!!
Sporthalle Buchholz Allenbadweg - 8610 Uster Swiss.
img 6 torneo zurigo

Skorpions final vs Torpedo (Germany) 5-2. The Skorpions Palmares finally add to their first win in EUROPE. On 2 and 3 October 2010 was held the 6th international tournament of wheelchair hockey in Zurich Switzerland, organized by Iron Cats Zurich (Champions of Switzerland), with the participation of ten teams from different European countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany), participating for Italy than in Varese, also the Blue Devils Genoa and the Dolphins Ancona.

  31 Jul. - 02 Aug. 2009 Champions Cup Germany 2009 The Skorpions are third
AC-Sportpark Waidallee 8 - 69469 Weinheim Germany.

logo champions 2009 Final 3-4 place Skorpions vs Gidos Screamers 10-6. From July 30 to August 3, 2009 the red and white, cool the league confirmed recently, are placed third in the “Champions Cup” in Germany.

Order standings and teams:
1) Torpedo Ladenburg (Germany) 2) Helsinki Outsiders (Finland) 3) Skorpions Varese (Italy)
4) Gidos Screamers (Belgium) 5) Rolling Thunder Bern (Swiss) 6) EWSC Lita Sport Prague (Czech Republic).
  03-06 Oct. 2008 5th International E-hockey Zurich A great 4th place for Skorpions
Sporthalle Buchholz Allenbadweg - 8610 Uster Swiss.

img 5 torneo zurigo Final 3-4 place Skorpions vs Red Devils (Belgium) 1-8. To win the trophy, were the Stick Flyers, Dutch team, that in addition to defeat our Skorpions in Semifinal 3 to 1, they won the final with a surprising 4-2 against Torpedo Ladenburg, who were the favorites to win the tournament.
Fourth place arrived for our players, which, however, is wrong thrown.
The Team of Moretta it performed well, captivating with his game inside the field and with the choirs of red and white supporters outside, the spectators who attended the event, more numerous when they played the Skorpions.
In addition came the first goal in international scored by Santeramo and Mantiero during the qualification round.
Many have been the praise received from the Varese team to their second appearance in a competition outside Italy, as can testify Carelli & Comrades, after the festive evening where there were the awards.
  01-04 May 2008 8th “Römer Cup” 2nd place for Skorpions
AC-Sportpark Waidallee 8 - 69469 Weinheim Germany.

Skorpions final vs Torpedo (Germany) 5-7. First participation in a major international tournament, the Skorpions to the finals where they manage to keep up with the Masters of the House to the additional 5 to 5 ... and eventually have to give in to their strength.
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